Aria Stops Short of a Strop*

On the whole, I would say Aria’s not having such a great day.

On the plus side, she found Hari’s watch parts. Even better, she has stopped herself from having an actual strop*. Mind you, I can’t imagine her being that scary if she hadn’t stopped herself. And I am actually in charge of imagining what Aria thinks so it must be true. It’s weird how I don’t feel in charge of that.

I think of Aria, and all of my characters, as though they lead their own lives quite apart from my imagination. Does that mean that I’m a good storyteller, writer, whatever? Or that I need to be locked up. I’m going with the first option obviously and hoping that’s not me trying to swim upstream - I much prefer to go with the flow.

*Strop = mainly British informal a temper tantrum: he threw a strop and stormed off.