Last Chance Joe’s Heebie Jeebies Reboot

Who are these people? I know that's Joe, but who are those ladies? Also, whatever's snatched Joe's attention has caught the barman's eye too.

Let's see...

Coming Soon – The Dubblejay History of Comics

I often used to wonder why on earth I still read and make comics at my age. Just before Christmas I finally came up with a theory that seems to make sense. So, starting soon, I thought I could pick out some of the comics that I still have a soft spot for after the better part of fifty years and try to remember what it is I loved about them at the time.

First up – Planet of the Apes (The UK Weekly) from October 1974.

Adaption and Survival for Cartoonists

Part of my new process after the frustrating failure of my not-that-old-iPad.

Dealing with my iPad crash and having to come up with a different way to make my comic hasn’t been as dramatic as the title might suggest, to be honest. I just thought it might be a bit of an attention-grabber. In fact, trying out some new analogue tools that I’ve somehow managed to acquire over the last few years has been quite a bit of fun. And I’m not trying to make myself sound braver than I am.

There’s worse things in life than being forced to upgrade a rusty old skillset that you thought you’d never use again.

Mind you, I do miss getting this done in a comfy chair in front of the telly.

Moving Right Along

Joe’s Heebie Jeebies Issue 1, Page 1 Panel 1 – at last!

I know this is going slowly. This is because I’m happy taking my time figuring out who these characters are and what they’re up to.

I get that this may very well be frustrating for those of you wanting to read an actual comic. I have to admit to finding it more than a little frustrating myself. I can only hope it’ll be worth the wait. I sympathise. I really do. Because at least I’m having the fun of figuring this stuff out. I promise I’m going as fast as my limited (but growing) skills and time will let me.

Work starts on Actual Comic

[Thumbnail and script for Page 1 – spoilers smudged]

Well, the thumbnails in any case.

I daresay I should probably have been further ahead in the comic making process before putting anything online. It would have looked far more professional, I’m sure. This is one way of keeping a record of my progress, though. There’s no need to go into the other good reasons for posting this as I go along, is there?

[Thumbnail Page Template courtesy of Scott Serkland from]

Mitch & Max

Coming up with new characters, mostly on the fly, is easily the best part of making comics. It’s like being hypnotised. I mean, look at Ally – the hand on the hip says confident, maybe with a dash of impatience, but the pointed-in toes say not. What’s going on there, then? See. Mesmerising!