Last Chance Joe’s Heebie Jeebies Reboot

Who are these people? I know that's Joe, but who are those ladies? Also, whatever's snatched Joe's attention has caught the barman's eye too.

Let's see...

Adaption and Survival for Cartoonists

Part of my new process after the frustrating failure of my not-that-old-iPad.

Dealing with my iPad crash and having to come up with a different way to make my comic hasn’t been as dramatic as the title might suggest, to be honest. I just thought it might be a bit of an attention-grabber. In fact, trying out some new analogue tools that I’ve somehow managed to acquire over the last few years has been quite a bit of fun. And I’m not trying to make myself sound braver than I am.

There’s worse things in life than being forced to upgrade a rusty old skillset that you thought you’d never use again.

Mind you, I do miss getting this done in a comfy chair in front of the telly.