Earlier That Day…

This is my favourite page so far. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

I’m enjoying getting to know a bit more about Aria. And her dad.

I’ve come up with a plan - to make 1000 pages in the next ten years or so. That’s roughly 2 pages a week. Which is nowhere near what I’m making at the moment, but I’m hoping to take up some of the slack when I retire in a few years time. The whole point of this is to get better. So I’m aiming to improve with every page I make.

Of course, I’m way more interested in the experience of improving than in the actual number of pages, but I’m going with the idea that the more I do, the more I’ll improve.

Whatever happens I’m going to enjoy it.

Moving Right Along

Joe’s Heebie Jeebies Issue 1, Page 1 Panel 1 – at last!

I know this is going slowly. This is because I’m happy taking my time figuring out who these characters are and what they’re up to.

I get that this may very well be frustrating for those of you wanting to read an actual comic. I have to admit to finding it more than a little frustrating myself. I can only hope it’ll be worth the wait. I sympathise. I really do. Because at least I’m having the fun of figuring this stuff out. I promise I’m going as fast as my limited (but growing) skills and time will let me.